Marshall Bockrath-Vandegrift
Midtown, Atlanta, GA; <>


Hybrid research software engineer and data scientist.


  • Data science; statistical analysis and predictive modeling, including with R
  • Big data processing using Hadoop, including MapReduce, Spark, and HBase
  • Devops / operations automation, primarily with Puppet
  • The GNU/Linux environment, POSIX APIs, and systems software development
Programming languages
  • Polyglot, able to quickly learn new languages
  • Fluent in C, Python, Ruby, and Clojure
  • Practiced in Java, SQL, R, and Rust
  • Experience with Scala, Javascript, Forth, APL/J, and assembly (x86 and SPARC)


See and for current open source activity. Previously: calibre; small patches to various projects.


Master of Science in Statistics;

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA;

December 2017 (projected)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Philosophy;

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY;

May 2003


January 2016 – Present Interim Director of R&D Damballa Inc. Atlanta, GA

  • Hands-on 20% manager / 80% contributor continuing principal engineer role
  • Managed the R&D Research and Data Engineering teams
  • Provided technical guidance and collaboration for both teams
  • Coordinated development efforts with other technical directors and product management

September 2010 – January 2016 R&D Principal Software Engineer Damballa Inc. Atlanta, GA

  • Engineering lead for the R&D organization
  • Performed primary research on new malware infection detection methods, from conception through implementation
  • Developed Hadoop-based analysis of Internet-scale data for multiple machine learning systems
  • Designed and implemented operational software infrastructure including deployment automation, monitoring, and configuration management

October 2008 – September 2010 Senior Software Engineer Damballa Inc. Atlanta, GA

  • Member of the engineering team for the Damballa Failsafe botnet detection appliance
  • As part of a very small team (4–6), built all aspects of the Failsafe appliance, including:
  • Deep packet inspection network analysis engine
  • Machine learning behavioral classification systems
  • Appliance build-out automation; and
  • Backend content & analysis services

April 2007 – October 2008 Software Engineer IBM Internet Security Systems Atlanta, GA

  • Member of the engineering team for the inception of the Proventia Virtualized Network Security Platform
  • Researched, designed, and prototyped features using virtual machine introspection for security-related event detection and interception

October 2005 – April 2007 Vulnerability Researcher IBM Internet Security Systems Atlanta, GA

  • Evaluated impact of software vulnerabilities and developed operational software exploits for penetration testing
  • Developed system for Internet threat-analysis, integrating with multiple external data sources and providing Web-based analytics and report generation
  • Regularly interfaced with customers to provide technical expertise and gather requirements

May 2003 – October 2005 Global Network Exploitation and Vulnerability Analyst National Security Agency Ft. Meade, MD

  • Designed and developed kernel and system software in C and assembly for GNU/Linux, Solaris, and other POSIX-like platforms
  • Developed run-time dynamic instrumentation engine reused in several projects